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Chain Link Fencing Machine

Chain Link Fencing Machine

Automatic chain link fence machine we produced is made with adaptation of Germany technology. This machine offers high productive efficiency and reliable quality chain link fence products with reasonable design, using computer control, mechanical and electrical integration, automatic control of wire feeding, cutting, rolling and edge treatment. Advanced technology and domestic machinery prices make this machine a best choice for chain link fence producers.

Chain Link Machine For Manufacturing Chain Link Fence Of Different Size. The Wire Is Taken In From The Payoff Stand And Passed Through The Dies Where The Diamond Size Takes Place. Different Gap Sized. After Passing From The Die The Diamond Pattern Wire Is Automatically Thrown On The Winding Shaft In The Stitching Process. Once The Stitching Is Complete The Woven Is Manually Glided Down To Enable The Next Stitch To Take Place.

The Chain Link Is Automatically Wound To Form Rolls When The Desire Length Is Manufactured.

The Machine Is Controlled By Plc Automatic Control, So Only One Person Is Needed To Operate It.

One Side Or Both Side Of The End Of Net Hole Is Twisted Or With Burr In Edge.