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Detail Of Nail Making Machine

Wire Nail Machine Detail

Complete Details of Automatic Wire Nail Machine.

Wire Nail Machine is a continuous Nail Manufacturing process where in the Galvanized Wire passed Into Machine Mould and Nail Cutter Then Hammer Can shape in Nail Head and finished nail can automatically drop down. The galvanized wire is pass through bearing and then pass in machine die and made nails head then nail cutter pair and touch in wire and cut nails properly which you can set nails size and thickness and after that nails can automatic produce and drop down into floor area. While nail can be manufacturing complete you need to polish it so you have to polished your nails in polishing drum in 20-25 minute and after that nails is complete ready for use. Common Nails finds wide application in building, construction, office furniture appliance and many more. A Nail Making Machine can produce any type of nails in galvanized, HB or mild steel material. MS and Galvanized are the most regular materials used in the nail making machine working process. One nail making machine can produce 1 to 4 inches nails and 8 to 12 gauges nail and machine speeds average 300-350 nails produce in per minute.